soresoresore and tired

I have super pants at blogging. I know I know. Ive had so much on. But only managed to go get tonsillitis. Possibly glandular fever. I hope to god it isnt because thats the last thing I need at the moment. So I'm sleeping roughly 16/17 hours a day. Which is slightly annoying to say the least. argh.
Anyway. I'm awake :) so I'm forcing myself to get a blog done.

These pictres are beautiful. Littledoeislove. I did actually steal this idea off Wendy. I'm not that good.

This no high street clothes thing is getting really hard now. I mean, two weeks after new year I went into Peacocks with a friend, thinking it was only peacocks. I won't be too tempted. They only had the pefect moccassins I had spent half a year looking for. Bloody sods law.
So yeah, a month and a half into the year and Im seriously struggling. Oh dear.

This man is perfect. We shall get married and have babies. And he will sing to me in his beautiful voice and we will live happily ever after. Watch it to the very end, where he dances. He is perfect, actually perfect.

Anyway. One good thing about no high street clothes, is im saving quite a lot of money. Which can only be a plus. And at the moment I'm particularly saving to go traveling. I must spend 24 hours a day thinking about traveling and where I'm going to go. This summer I'm volunteering in Africa. And the summer after I cant think of anything better than going around europe. So I'm going to need rather a lot of money :)


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