standing outside her apartment, and your running her name through your mouth

I'm so cold. But I' not. Im burning. I'm burning so fast I'm afraid I'm going to scorch myself. I want to scorch myself. I want to burn so hot that I destory all my senses, my nerve endings, my brain cells. I want to feel that pain. Nothing can control me, dampen me. I'm spreading. I'm indestructable.
He was taken from me. Where, why he came I don't know. He was mine, a miracle that didn't need explaining. He was taken from me and I felt pain like I'd never imagined. Throbbing inside me, my heart, my lungs. Everything turned black and everything was wrong. Nothing fitted anymore. My child, my miracle.
I saw him in the night, a child in my hectic world. A shadow, a glowing spirit, visable only in changing light. I reached out and touched him, the silver of his skin turned a shade of red under my fingertips. Deeper and deeper. He told me who I was, what I was, what I was going to be. He knew me like no other.

Cant you see its over, 'cause you're the God of a shrinking universe.
They were flying over head. Breathtaking and reckless. We were surrounded by war, powerless and exposed. I woke in confusion. Wrapped up in a circle of past, present and future. Eating away at me. Guilt, guilt, guilt. The present wasn't enough. I was holding on with all my might. Prim and proper towns and pleasantries from people you couldn't care less about. An eventfiul night.
This will destroy you. This will destroy your expectations. Your preconceptions and your ideals. This will remake you. Destruction and rebirth.