Its a lonely game to play, to demand independence with such heart, and such ignorance.
I'm gonna find me a reckless man,
Razor blades and ice in his eyes,
Just a touch of sadness in his fingers,
Thunder and lightning in his thighs.
I'm gonna chase the sky forever,
With the man, the stallion and the wind,
The sun is gonna burn into a cinder,
Before we ever pass this way again.
Cat Power.
I said I would die for you, and I did. But I'm still here to feel the shadow of death hang over me.
I would tell you my secrets, dear Delilah. Take me for your own. Tell me you see the beauty in the scars. Tell me you understand my dreams darling, tell me you dream them too.
There must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea. —Khalil Gibran
Look at the rain long enough, with no thoughts in your head, and you gradually feel your body falling loose, shaking free of the world of reality. Rain has the power to hypnotize. —Haruki Murakami
“Ah, the sun will catch me, in my disturbing transparency. What am I but an awareness of the dark, forever?” Edmond Jab├Ęs, The Book of Questions I, trans. Rosmarie Waldrop
Do you know what his soul said to me, without saying a word? 'Let him go', he said 'Let him go'
Who will take care of me my love, my dark angel, when you are gone?
“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” Tom Waits