I never meant to stay
I suppose that's what they all say
It was my first time in a peepshow
So when the girl smiled at me
I said "Only looking" and she replied
"Thats how I got started here too."
Oh son and daughter of noble birth,
Now the time has come for you to seek a path,
As your breath stops, visions will appear,
And while on this journey from life into death, if you should find yourself calling out,
Oh lord of great compassion, am I beautiful enough? Am I wearing the right clothes? Do I have the right connections to get me into where I'm going?
And to these concerns I say do not worry,
With this kiss there are revelations tattooed upon our lips,
Revelations, worries, will be read on account of this silent pact with recognition,
We are beginning to see that we, are slowly, becoming healed

Why must I feel like this today?