Merry christmas all you beautiful people. Hope you have a really lovely day :) I will soon post photos of all the treats I got today. And things I bought while I should have been christmas shopping. But for now I'm going to go get fat and watch cheesy films.



Ok. Just back from Ireland.. for the National College or Art and Design open day, in Dublin. I simply fell in love with it all. The city... the course.. everything. I just.. ahh... I want to scream to give some sort of feeble idea of how much I want to go there. I practically begged my mum to let me stay there and not drag me back to the skankiness of England. No offence England.. and people who happen to live here. You're great and all that, I just dont belong here.
Lets hope and pray and work my arse off and I might have a


by these amazing designers.

I actually stole this of Jen's blog. But I had to put it on. Damn. I wish I was that talented.


I thought I'd feel better but I feel a million times worse.

Im afraid I havent had any decent outfits or new things to post. I've been bumming around in hoodies, jumpers and jeans. I havent been motivated for whatever reason. But heres some beautiful pictures from my all time favourite photographer, Tim Walker.

Halloween Parties.

Yay. Lets get drunk.


I am through with people.

Iconic People.

Still trying to get pictures from the other party I wrecked my sleep pattern with. But this will do for now.

Boys arent worthy of love, fashion is.

Is it possible to be in love with an accessory? Because I think I am. Actually in love.