"I wish I could go back to a time that was much simpler. Where all you had to worry about was 'does he like me, doesnt he?', there was no 'how far does he want me to go?'. Drugs were almost a myth. Smoking was still gossip worthy. Kisses were stuff of fairytales. We wanted so badly to grow up. I didn't appreciate the inncoence of it all. I could still trust the words that came out of boys mouths. Me? I've lost my naivity. Now it's all university, and working for your dreams rather than just dreaming them. So many dreams."


I wore makeup today for the first time in over a month. People were super shocked.


Anything less than mad, passionate, extraordinary love is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life to deal with and love shouldn’t be one of them

Tiffanie DeBartolo

I miss my hair. I miss being vaguely tanned. I miss those girls. But I dont miss last summer. Because this summer will be a million times better.


"I'd lift my head with each sunrise
If I had a simple soul
When I was weary I'd close my eyes
If I had a simple soul
Not too complicated to shiver when I'm cold
I'd make my home where I am bound
If I had a simple soul, simple soul

I say my prayers and hope to God
And I know he will know
I will break my daily bread
When hunger starts to grow
It doesn't have to be that hard
If it hurts you let it go
What you see is what you are
If you've got a simple soul, simple soul

It might take an alchemist
To turn your dust to gold
But it only takes a child to see
The diamonds in the coal
It's not so easy when a habit takes a hold
I never knew it would be so hard
To keep my simple soul, simple soul"

Friends Of Frogs.

Im working on my summer wardrobe at the moment, these photos are stunning inspirations.

Thanks Lookbook you wonderful thing you.
But I find it so hard not to but loads of winter clothes too. Big mens jumpers and Scarves and Boots are all so tempting still. I bought a hideously gorgeous 80's jumpsuit. Shoulder Pads and all. But I think it's a ski suit, so really really warm. I cant wear it till its freezing. I'm almost wishing it was winter just to wear it....what am I thinking??
My camera has officially given up on me so I had to rely on others for these beautys: May Day, Jack in the green. Alcohol. Drumming. Friends. What else could you ask for?