Ive been awful lately.

Lots and lots and lots of work to do. As everyone does. But I'll leave you with this gorgeous photo.




A lady at work the other day asked me who my favourite designers were. Its such a big a question, I splurged out all these names and she was a bit confused, bless her. So I thought I'd go through a few of my favourites at the moment.

Rodarte. These ladies produce collections that are actually stuff of fantasy. Not the extravagance of dreams and nightmares, but day dreams. To me, it resembles the feeling you have when you're in between being asleep and awake. The colours they use are sort of surreal, but because of the mass of textures they become delicate and work beautifully. And my word. The SHOES. I would die happy if I could just touch one of those shoes.

Alexander McQueen. Just because...wow. How do you describe Alexander Mcqueen? He IS theatre within fashion. His collections make my heart race and they never ever fail to leave you bewildered and in awe.

The same with Viktor and Rolf. They are extremely talented designers, with the most amazing inspirations and takes on things. They do what they want, regardless. "For us, fashion is an antidote to reality."

Nina Ricci. The artistic director, Olivier Theyskens, used a rich, autumn palette for the Fall 08 show, which was different from his normal sheer, paler colours. He creates such subtle, soft silhouettes and with sensuous fabrics. Whereas Nina Ricci used to be a "frilly" brand, he creates a melancholy Romanticism without sickly colours or stereotypical cuts. I much prefer his work for Nina Ricci than Rochas as the collections just seem more free, he seems restricted with Rochas.

Theres a few :)


New year.

New start. As everyone says. Im so excited for this year. New years resoloution?? Officially no high street clothes for a year. Only second hand and fairtrade. :)
Hello there 2009. :)