I am bitter at the world for not letting us fall in love.
I would go back, just to remember.
Memory is so fickle.
Our connection, the energy we share as human beings, trembled tonight. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you had to keep me at a distance. It was vibrating, beneath my ribs, deep inside. It shook at the sound of your voice.
We have tainted lives.
I wonder what their euphoria is like.
I wonder how it traps them.
I wonder how they have become so decayed.
It's too hard, it's too much, it doesn't fit.
In that moment we gave ourselves hope, we lost our boundaries, only to put them up stronger and meaner than before.
I haven't touched your perfect skin for the last time. You haven't finished healing me.
The trees lined the road, straight and narrow. And for once, I threw away perspective and only saw you.
Maybe, just maybe, life doesn't have to be an endless journey of self discovery. Maybe, just maybe, it's worth considering that the person you are today is good enough.
Keep the windows open, always. There may be a chill. But it will let what needs to come in, in. And what needs to go out, out.