The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history.



I don't know what I expected. Perhaps, more than this. But it's ok. I'll just go back to the same old me. Same old same old.



When I was little, I felt wrong. Like my body wasn't my own. I couldn't translate the real me. I was trapped.
I think... I'm finally getting there.


The Wardrobe

thats my shop. made a blog. all the dresses are ours. more pictures to come :) you have no idea how many beautiful dresses come out of that place.
not just dresses.
but mainly.
i love my job.

Who is to say what love is? Who is to say what floods our hearts, blazes in our eyes?
For not even I, sir, knows what my self thirsts. I think I know, tracked it down, pinpointed it. But then it slips away yet again. Like ghosts, my desires melt away. I fear I may never know.

These girls are so beautiful, its sickening.
All these dresses are from my shop :)

Pretty dresses and wine galore.

This is the end.... Thank God. But prom was good.


Francis Bacon. A troubled soul. Damned because of who he loved. Bitter because he is convicted by humans when judgement is by God and God alone.

"After I have died, God will go on remembering me, and to be remembered by God, to have my consciousness sustained by the supreme consciousness, is not that, perhaps, to be?"
Miguel de Unamuno

"One phrase I can't stand is when people refer to their partners as their other half. I hate the idea that you are not whole. As women, we're all responsible for our own happiness"
Melody Gardot.


Ireland last summer. My beautiful cousins.

I categorically failed my RE exam today. A year of work down the drain.