The muse is exhausted
because she smiles too much.
The muse is exhausted
because she works overtime.
There's too many men and women
that feed from her breasts.
The muse is exhausted
because she has to pour the water
of inspiration as well as make art
herself and bear children.
The muse is exhausted
because linear time has been
abolished. Everything is here and
now and present tense.
The muse is exhausted
because the nights are never dark
anymore. All that neon confuses the
Night Creatures. They say that owls
and other such animals find it difficult
to sleep because our lights are
The muse is overexposed.
Too much light.
The muse is overloaded.
She is too busy to be reflective.
The muse is overprotected.
Not to be confused with respected.
The muse is pale and melancholic.
An European with a colonial past
and an authoritarian father.
The muse has lost her integrity.
her tricks have become common
The muse is anachronic.
(Error in computing time.)
The muse is psychopathic.
She takes too much and
reveals too little.
The muse is exhausted
too many bodies and not enough
soul. She's got the porno blues.

Marlene Dumas, Sweet Nothings.

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